Occasional Visitors to the Twelve Apostles Motel & Country Retreat

At  Twelve Apostles Motel and Country Retreat we have regular native animals visit the property.
Fred the Koala

Fred the Koala and friends

Fred is the name we have given to a male Koala that has been seen at the motel for the past couple of months.    In February we have had as many as 3 Koalas seen on the property at the same time.   There was Fred, his girlfriend and what appeared to be her last years Joey.  

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Kangaroos & other Wildlife

Kangaroos live in the National Park opposite and cross the road to eat in the paddocks at night and cross back early morning.
Possums come out into the trees but only at night time. 

Rabbits, Hares, Foxes and Echidna's can be discovered around the property.

A miriad of bird life can been seen at the motel especially when the Echiums are in flower.

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